Space Cleaning is a Sydney based professional cleaning company that is fast becoming the city’s most popular choice for all Airbnb, Domestic, End of Lease and Spring Cleans. Here are the 10 characteristics of why our company is considered as the most trusted professional cleaning company in Sydney.

1. Customer orientation

Listen to the customer and meet their needs to meet their expectations. Every action that is done in the company must always be designed to improve what is offered to the client.

2. Integration of all the personnel in the project

Owners, managers, and workers of the company must work as a team. It is essential that there are coordination and joint effort. Transparency and communication between all workers and the company will always be fundamental for us.

3. Communication skills

Assertiveness, autonomy for decision making, negotiation skills, and conflict resolution. Access to the latest technologies, to communicate with the Administrator and owners, sending parts and incidents by WhatsApp, email or similar.

4. Responsibility

Friendliness, service vocation and customer orientation.

5. Sensitivity in human treatment

Give value to human treatment, new technologies are very useful but are a means, the relationship between people should be based on respect and social relations.

6. Availability to solve difficult situations

The company must be willing to help and strive to offer solutions. When an incident occurs it is a good situation to show that you are a good professional if a quick and effective solution is given.

7. Knowledge of the sector

Experience. Know how to do and learn every day.

8. Know the product

Apply the innovation to each phase of the work. Use of organic products.

9. Technical training for cleaning workers

Specialized training avoids personnel burdens, improves results and speeds up the process. Therefore, it makes it profitable and therefore it can offer better service and price to the client.

10. Control points

Listings where cleaning points are identified, which are known by the worker and can be checked by the rest of the company’s personnel.

Each time we visit your home, it’s an opportunity to make it a happier place by always following these fundamental pillars. We aim to please and focus on constant improvement. We are passionate about our services and our aim is to be easy to book, easy to use and easy to love. Email us at or Call us at tel:1800 954 378