Do you want to know how to do spring cleaning?

Here are the 5 tips to do it in an organized and effective way, your house will thank YOU and you will benefit from the results.

Spring is the perfect occasion to update the house after winter. It is the time of the year when the house breathes and prepares to receive the hot days. The spring cleaning will be your main ally for this set-up.

Plan in Advance How the Cleaning Will Be Done

To do this, keep in mind on what days you will carry them out, with what help you will count and what utensils and cleaning products you will need. It is very useful to visualize the whole process in the order in which you will carry it out, as well as the way in which you will approach this cleaning in depth room by room.


This one is a basic before starting any cleaning, whether ordinary or extraordinary.

It is time to open all the windows to make way for the light and heat that will renew the air of the house and dry moisture. In this way, you will grant your home the opportunity to breathe and oxygenate itself with renewed airs that will also positively affect your well-being.

Start by Cleaning Roofs, Walls and Windows.

It is time to remove that dust or cobwebs that have been appearing in the corners. You can do it comfortably with a vacuum cleaner, a duster or with a sweeping brush covered with a cloth. Don’t forget to clean in depth corners and baseboards where every day has accumulated dirt during the winter.

To clean the windows, prepare a bowl of soapy water and cleaning vinegar and go over frames and crystals, then dry them with special glass cloths. Once you’ve finished this task, don’t forget to clean lamps, soffits and light bulbs, it is enough to dust them off with a feather duster and a damp cloth.

If the lamps are made of glass, like those of a chandelier, clean them with cotton gloves moistened glass by glass with your fingers.

Take Care of Your Furniture and Your Winter Home Clothes

During the spring cleaning, take the opportunity to change the furniture on site if they receive direct sunlight then clean them with the appropriate products according to their wood finishes (varnish, lacquer, wax …) without forgetting the back and below each piece of furniture.

It is also the time to wash the curtains, blankets, quilts and covers in the washing machine or the dry cleaner to store them properly in the place intended for it until the arrival of autumn.

Clean Each Room Thoroughly

In the bedrooms, remove the mattresses on the couch and replace them with a new one. Wash the mattress cover and the pillows to clean everything.

If you are going to change the wardrobe, take out all the clothes and vacuum and pass a damp cloth inside, once dry, place the spring clothes and perfume the closet with natural aromas of lavender, juniper or palo santo. To thoroughly clean the living room, vacuum the basses, the back and cushions of the sofa and armchairs.

If the tapestries have stains you can remove them with ammonia dissolved in water. In the same way, don’t forget to clean carpets, remove them and keep them properly wrapped in plastic or fabric covers. In the kitchen, clean in depth cabinets inside and out, as well as the extractor campaign and the tiles.

Finally, in the bathroom, check the interior of cabinets and clean the corners and toilets in depth. Ready to do the spring cleaning?

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