SpaceCleaning is …

fast becoming Sydney’s most popular choice for all Airbnb, Domestic, End of Lease and Spring Cleans. Is it because we’re so easy to work with? Is it because we have the most amazing team? Is it because we use selected, high-end cleaning products? Is it because our services are super well priced? Who knows? The end result is that we love what we do and it seems Sydney loves us too.

We’re a collective of highly skilled cleaning professionals. We work with the common goal of making your property look its best, always. We are passionate about our services and our aim is to be easy to book, easy to use and easy to love. Our online booking system, fast and friendly customer service and high end cleaning products are the reasons why we have such a strong following in this city.

From our cashless payments through to our Airbnb restocking service, we’ve designed our business around making your life easier and, of course, happier.

We’re so secure you’re going to love us that we provide a 100% guarantee every single time!

What makes us great

  • Each time we visit your home it’s an opportunity to make it a happier place. We aim to please and focus on constant improvement.
  • We’re completely insured and cover all of our contractors thoroughly.
  • Each team member represents the highest standard of their field. They are background checked and need to meet our standards of friendliness, positive energy and efficiency.
  • Our service simply sparkles. Each time we clean, we add in a little something to make you smile.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That’s right. If you’re not completely satisfied, let us know within 24 hours and we will rush back to solve the issue. If you’re not happy with our remedy, then we will refund you in full. No drama.
  • Our fixed price model means exactly that. No hidden extras, no upselling pressure.
  • We are always contactable online and will respond super quickly.
  • We’re great with sharing tips, tricks and strategies to keep your home looking beautiful all year round.

Whatever cleaning service you require, let us know and we’ll work out a way to help.

Space Cleaning,

Because your home is your happy place.