Moving home can be exciting and stressful. To help you focus on the adventures in your new property and ease the tension of the move, read this useful end-of-tenure checklist.

Essential cleaning tasks

First, make sure you have read the lease in its entirety. It will stipulate how the house should be left when you move. If you caused any damage or if you incurred during your tenure, make sure it has been repaired or replaced before moving. If it does not, then the owner is within his organization rights so that the problem is solved and he sends the invoice to him. In most cases, your owner will propose that this amount be deducted from your deposit.

Making the end of tenure by cleaning

It is worthwhile that your termination of tenure is done before the final inspection. That way, you will have a better chance of recovering your deposit. You can choose to hire a professional end-of-tenure cleaning company or do it yourself. It is often more profitable to do it yourself, and in that way, you will have peace of mind that all the rooms have been cleaned according to the required standard. The work you do must be based on your inspection checklist and your registration record. In general, however, to pass your final inspection, you must perform the following cleaning tasks:

The kitchen

Remove everything from the cabinets and shelves, making sure to remove the crumbs and stains with a damp cloth. Then, take out your appliances and clean under and behind them.

It is important to make sure that you thoroughly clean the washing machine and dishwasher to remove accumulated dirt.

Then, clean the refrigerator inside and out, making sure to remove all trays, racks, and shelves from the cabinets, and soak them in soapy water. Then dry and replace them inside the refrigerator. When you leave, turn off the appliance on the wall and leave the doors open to avoid mold.

We are all guilty of letting our ovens get dirty. Whether your oven has large deposits of dirt, household dust, grease or burnt food deposits, you must clean it thoroughly to recover your deposit. The furnace is usually the first element that is verified during the inspection process.

Take a look at our step-by-step guide to cleaning the oven if you decide to do it yourself. As an alternative, you can opt for a professional furnace cleaning company to do the deep cleaning for you. This can save you time, money and a lot of energy, since cleaning the oven is a difficult job.


The two main jobs that should be addressed in the living room are carpets and dust. Give your carpets a complete vacuum. If any stain remains, you may consider hiring a professional to combat the problem or rent an industrial vacuum cleaner. Next, clean your shelves, cabinets, coffee table, cabinets, and TV stands, and give them a good luster.

The bathroom

Clean everything in your bathroom to remove any stains, including (among others) the sink, bathroom, toilet, tiles, and mirrors. Then, check the holes in the plugs and drains to make sure they are clean and that the water can flow easily. If not, the drain cleaner can help eliminate the obstructions. Then check the metal surfaces, such as faucets, the shower head and the drain vents for mold and lime. There are a whole series of products that can help you address them. It is as simple as spraying the solution on the affected area and letting it work its magic, then wash it. If some lime remains, you can also use white vinegar and fresh lemon to break down the particles that cause the calcareous residue.

Other cleaning jobs to consider at home (including the bedroom)

Windows: clean your windows inside and out. If you can not reach outside windows, seek the help of a professional window cleaner.

Walls: Check the property for signs of wear on the walls and baseboards. Try to wash them. If that does not work, paint on them in the same color. If there are several marks, it may be better to paint the entire wall. If you do not, it is likely that your landlord will do this work and then bill you for the expense or deduct it from your deposit.

Furniture: be sure to vacuum your furniture and wash them with a dry cleaning solution. It is important that there are no stains, hair or smells.

Curtains: always check the labels of your curtains. They can be machine washable, but they are more likely to need dry cleaning. Be sure to dust off the curtain rods and fabric blinds on the property. If you have Venetian blinds, be sure to clean both sides of the slats. If your blinds are damaged, then they must be repaired or replaced.

And do not forget …

Stairs and corridors: these areas receive a lot of traffic day after day, so be sure to give them a thorough cleaning.

The garden: like the house, your garden needs a little TLC before leaving. Sweep the leaves, keep the flower beds and mow the lawn, if necessary.

Satisfying these cleaning demands will put you in a much better position to recover your security deposit.

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